Lexia3 V47 Citroen BMW i3 and BMW i8 with BMW's

In the recently opened the Frankfurt motor show, Lexia3 V47 Citroen BMW i3 and BMW i8 with BMW's new energy plan also came to the show site.
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BMW officials say, BMW i3 concept car is zero discharge of the electric drive vehicles, Lexia3 V47 Citroen especially for the urban environment use research and development. The body dimensions respectively for 3845 mm / 2011 mm / 1537 mm, wheelbase for 2570 mm. Pick up is output to 125 kw (170 horsepower) motor, peak torque for 250 n m., and USES the rear wheel drive way, plus BMW i3 special LifeDrive frame body structure, can ensure the cruise mileage reached 150 km. And a new car 0-100 km/h acceleration time will be less than eight seconds.
BMW i3 concept car use is the so-called "LifeDrive architecture (point in the second page to see what is LifeDrive)", the body to all the carbon fiber design, it will be the first paragraph of the body is mainly composed of carbon fiber materials for the production car. Thanks to the structure and new CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced composite material) technology application, 32MB CARD FOR GM TECH2 make the BMW i3 body weight than traditional electric vehicles reduced the 250-350 kg, the weight is only 1250 kg. In addition, although BMW i3 body is not big, 32MB CARD FOR GM TECH2 but four seat design, 200 litres of boot volume, and can meet the demand for daily use.
In charge, if by ordinary power charging, need 6 hours with; Using high-speed charger as long as 1 hour can complete 80% of the battery.
Note that, if consumers need more Range of activity, which means a longer endurance mileage needs, BMW can also provide a small displacement of the engine, TOYOTA Car Key Chips the engine to provide energy for the battery, in order to ensure vehicle, BMW says the system for Range extender. And on the system with the BMW i3 will no longer is a real sense of pure electric vehicles and became a plug-in hybrid car, TOYOTA Car Key Chips at the same time it and Chevrolet Volt concept is the same.

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